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I have not lost a lot of weight but what I have lost, I have kept off and that is amazing for me.  I have learnt to deal with cravings and emotions around my eating. Just knowing now why I eat helps me to get my needs met without food.  Every group coaching session gave me that  “nugget” to help change my behaviour around eating. .
Chris C. , Participant
I think that there is a lot of value in this program, and I am appreciative of all the efforts made to accommodate me when I was way. I am especially grateful for my health coach, her  work individually and with the group.
Anysia R., Participant
I have really enjoyed the support from my coaching group. I have really felt part of a safe space , welcoming participants and my health coach. It has been life changing experience for me.
Shawna D., Participant
With the tools I have learned, I am able now to STOP that downward spiral and move on.  This program has encouraged me to “face” my long unresolved issues. I know with continued slow plodding work I will be successful and it will be for the long term this time.
Chris C. , Participant
I stepped on the scale today and was surprised to see that I have lost 19 lbs.! The first two weeks of September I knew my schedule would be very hectic with ending work and starting school.  Yet with the Balance Now program I learned how to be more health conscious when time management is stretched. 
Marcy A., Participant